Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection


Collegial Board of Ministry


Collegial Board represent a consultative body within the ministry or other central administrative authorities to discuss issues relating to the work and policies promoted by the ministry or other central administrative authority to achieve information on the current activities and draft law. The decision on the establishment of the Collegial Board is taken by the Government upon the proposal of the Minister or, in the some cases provided for by law, by the President of the Republic of Moldova, by the minister.



Collegial Board has the following composition: Minister (President of the Collegial Board), deputy ministers and State Secretary of State, Head of the minister's office, Heads of departments of the ministry. For more information please read the Government decision  HOTĂRÎRE Nr. 188 published on March 16, 2010 on the approval of the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family Collegial Board members.



In its work, the Collegial Board will meet whenever necessary, being convened by the minister. The solutions and recommendations identified following discussions within the Collegial Board must be approved by a simple majority of the  members' votes, present at the meeting of the Collegial Board and presented to the Minister for approval.


Collegial Board Documents - Documente Colegiului Ministerului